Residential Cleaning

Green Icon Cleaning Services is at the core offering the best residential cleaning services in Nairobi Kenya. We understand how busy city life is. But cleaning does not have a substitute. Therefore we take the stress out of your life by doing all the cleaning around your house so that you can be fully focused on other important matters. We do all that pertains to housekeeping services this includes:

  • Sanitizing highly used areas such as Kitchen, Bathrooms, Toilets, Door knobs, Tile Walls and Surfaces.
  •  Wipe Down, this involves the cleaning of Greases, Food spills in all exterior appliances such Micro wave, Refrigerators, Ovens.
  • Dusting. We dust all surfaces of your premises and remove all cobwebs the corners of the ceiling.

Our housekeeping services are not limited to the above outlined list. We understand everyone has different needs. Therefore we take time to listen to your needs and create your own specialized program. In addition to the above, we also offer clothe cleaning and ironing services.

Our stewards can be totally trusted. But accidents do happen.  In such a case we take full responsibility to replace or repair in damages caused by our stewards.

Give us a call today and tell us about your cleaning needs and budget so that we can develop a program guarantee you satisfaction within your budget.

We also offer commercial cleaning, mattress cleaning, post contruction cleaning, vehicle interior cleaning and fumigation services

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